Art Journaling – Week ????

I have to admit that I have been seriously slacking on my art journaling.  There are a million excuses, but excuses they are, so I will spare you the details.

One major event in my life these past few months has been life coach training.  I love it!  It is so exciting, I found my calling, what I am on this earth to do.  What I love about the type of coaching I am learning is that it is solution focused, as the coach I don’t need to know all the details of a situation, don’t need to know the person’s past because as coach it is my job to believe that people have everything they need to succeed and make the best decisions for their life.  They are the expert, I just help people to find the solutions.  The solution is always there, we sometimes need help to remove the coloured lenses we view life through, peel back layers that are blocking our view, be given the time and space to explore and discover, and solutions appear.

In this past training module, we learned some powerful processes and one of them another coach walked me through.  I say it was powerful because I experienced a shift within myself.  Hard to explain, but it changed me at the identity level.  The issue was in relation to procrastination and since going through that process, having that experience, I’ve been noticing a difference in how I react and relate.  Over the four days of training and going through being coached and the teaching, I had a few very important revelations.  The kind of insights that create change by sheer knowledge of them.

Below is a vision I tried to capture on paper that I had as part of a coaching session.  It was important for me to remember it and go back there again in my mind because I believe that is a sacred space for me, that place where all is good.  In this sacred space, where I am wrapped in light, warm and safe, knowing that I am completely provided for, loved and accepted, nothing is lacking and nothing can get through that light that is not beautiful, good and pure.  This is the place to just be.  God’s meeting place with me, where no words are needed, His love and peace surround and envelop me.  A sweet, beautiful place.  My drawing does it no justice at all, but I wanted to create a kind of marker, to remember this time, this beginning.

If I can help people get to the heart of who they truly are, what they really want in life, and who they were created to be and to walk forward in this beautifulness that awaits them, the destiny that is calling them, life would be rich!


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    • Hello, thank you so much, feel free to share with your friends. I do have a Facebook group as well that you can join.
      Blessings to you!

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